Dawn in San Francisco

Epilogue - Kevin

As they emerged in the library, Wendy faltered. Kevin tried his best to support her, but they had momemtum from the portal, and the ground was uneven. She fell. The jar cracked open. Satan got out, regarded them with no eyes but so much hate, and lunged towards Kevin. Having barly resisted the last assault, saved only by Wendy using her body to interrupt the spell, Kevin was terrified. It can’t end, not now, not like this.

He wasn’t sure what happened next. Satan’s soul seemed to bounce harmlessly off him, as if something was keeping it out. It screamed in anger, if a soul could scream.
Then, the grandmothers arrived from out of nowhere. With some kind of ritual, they captured or exorcised Satan’s soul.
Kevin was paying more attention to Wendy. She was bleeding heavily from a gruesome wound in her chest. Kevin knelt beside her, put her head in his lap, used his jacked to try to limit the bleeding. She struggled to move at all, and was barely conscious.
They grandmothers seemed quite pleased with themselves, talking and chuckling between themselves, somehow completely oblivious to Wendy bleeding out in Kevin’s arms. “HELP HER!”

The grandmothers had been kind. As soon as they saw the state Wendy was in, they had gotten serious, and done everything they could to help. They taken her to their cabin, Kevin had told them what had happened, and they had nodded and mumbled to each other before going to work on things Kevin did not comprehend, but understood was for Wendy. One of them had told Kevin that he could leave now, there was nothing more he could do for her, they would contact him when she woke up. He had emphatically refused, and that had been the end of that discussion. He had found a chair, placed it next to the bed, and sat there.
He slept only when his brain couldn’t stay awake any longer. He ate only when the grandmothers brought food and demanded he ate it. At all other times he just sat by Wendy’s side, held her hand, talked to her. He told her what Marco and Buddy were up to and what was going on back in the mortal world (all second-hand information, brought when Marco and Hazel visited), or he told her stories or bad jokes… it was as much for himself as for her, he had to believe that he was helping somehow, that she was not lost.

The queens had visited them once. Wendy was still not awake at the time, which was probably good. Kevin, tired from not sleeping, and still worried to death about Wendy, had struggled to show the right manners. Fortunately, they were grateful enough for their mantle returned and their lives saved that they tolerated it – even when he told them that as a reward this time, he wanted them to never contact him or Wendy ever again, never try to enlist them. They had just nodded, and left.

After some time – Kevin didn’t really know how much, because he was barely sleeping and the sun never seemed to set over the grandmothers’ cabin – Wendy finally woke up. It was the happiest moment in Kevin’s life.
He still stayed at her side, but his mind knew enough peace that he could sleep more peacefully, and even leave the room for very brief periods of time to help the grandmothers with food or other tasks. They didn’t really need his help, but allowed it anyway.

She had been awake for three days when he remembered that he was till carrying the ring with him. It’s flaws were still glaring to him, but he knew he was never going to be satisfied with it, and it the end it was not the ring that mattered, but what it represented, right?
He had been so nervous, he had fumbled a bit with the box, but as soon as Wendy saw the ring her face lit up, and he knew everything was going to be ok.

And now, to live happily ever after

One evening, many years later, Kevin looked into Wendy’s eyes and noticed they were different. It wasn’t something obvious, but a tiny spark that had always been there, was gone. He didn’t understand it immediately, but as they lay in bed that night he realised that he could no longer see her fae mien.
It was not surprising, their changeling selves had been weaking for some now. Nor was it sad, not really: because although Kevin did not remember it, this had happed countless times in the past. And fae or no fae, Kevin would always love Wendy.

That night, Kevin Freemark embraced Gwendolyn Hayes-Freemark, his soulmate, the love of his life.
That night, Neth Khadhar’phak left to find his soulmate, the love of all his lives, once again.



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