Dawn in San Francisco

The Basement

The basement had been a smart choice. It would be the first place anyone would check for an evil lair and the Devil was smart so surely he’d keep nothing like that down here. Marco could be in and out in no time. Marco flicked on the light and descended into the room. He was right, it looked quite ordinary, and even had wine in it. Hazel loved expensive wines so it was always a bonus to find something that might fit the bill. The Devil surely had good taste in wine. Some of the names were easily recognizable to Marco. They were probably the crappy wines, he had no idea what a good wine was but he could be sure that the stuff he could see behind the counter of the corner shop probably wasn’t the kind of wine Hazel liked.

One more quick look around the room and he could leave satisfied. Yes, this was a perfectly ordinary basement. Except it was a bit small. Also half the size you’d expect for a house this size. Oh crap. Please no. Just let it be a small basement. Nope. It was never that easy and in fact there was button on the wall. Probably leading into some evil library with old magic scrolls and maps of Arcadia.

Marco pushed part of the wall open. Inside there was no books. No maps. No scrolls. Just bodies. What looked like dead bodies. A woman, a teenage boy and a little girl. This guy definitely deserved his name. What an evil son of a bitch. Marco needed to stop looking at the bodies and calm down. The desk of random crap seemed like a good distraction. He’d probably need to go get Kevin to work out what any of it did. Actually maybe we wouldn’t have to, this stuff looked familiar. He’d read about it in willows library when he gave up on trying to find out stuff about shadow magic. These potions could be used to bring the dead back and act servants. This guy didn’t just kill them but was using this dark magic to desecrate their corpses.

Marco had to leave. The disrespect of the dead was too much. He’d tell the others what he had found and find out what they knew. They exchanged information and were about to leave when Marco realized something. That potion crap took like months to make. If Marco destroyed it the Devil would have to spend ages before he could be that disrespectful again, and they’d have stopped him or died before then anyway.



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