Dawn in San Francisco

Before the Bum Rush

Hazel wasn’t home. She’d probably stayed in Arcadia to help with the other ladies and Queens. That was a shame, It’d felt like ages since Marco had seen her and now they were possibly going off to fight this Devil guy. It would have been nice to spend some time with her before that. There was no getting a good night’s sleep tonight, not with this much to worry about. They were about to go up against someone of tremendous power, possibly even fight him in a fair fight. That was quite frankly scary as hell. None of them were exactly fighters and honestly Marco felt no difference since getting part of this mantle. Maybe the others felt it but he pretty much felt the same. A fair fight didn’t seem to bode well for them. Although I guess it wouldn’t technically be a fair fight, with it being four on one and all. And they has to weapon designed especially to take his weapon away. An unfair fight didn’t seem to bode well for then either though.

But that was a thought best not dwelled on. The day had been long and it was probably time to try get some sleep. Although he’d actually had some fun today. There didn’t seem to be much dangerous on the floating island and the cave had felt like a haunted house attraction. Scary but safe. Even the goblins were pretty damn friendly. Not to mention how good it had felt to run through the forest as a wolf. It had been over a month since he last changed. Right? It was hard to remember but it was certainly long enough to have allowed him to forget how free it made him feel. He’d certainly have to make more time for it in the future.
It was also kind of fun the trick the goblins. Even if it was a silly pointless trick. To know something others don’t is fun. It didn’t matter that they didn’t know it, it held no real weight, but it was still kind of nice. In fact it was a bit like being at court. Not that court was fun, or nice. But that actually wasn’t too bad a part of it. Pretending you know things you don’t and that you don’t know things you do. He actually didn’t hate it as much as he’d thought. Maybe he’d try to convince some of the more gullible people at court that he had a pet wolf. That was if any of them survived long enough to go back to court.



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