The year is 1990 1996 and the world is an ever changing place. It has become both more and less accepting to those who dare to stand out; it depends on how you dare. But there are some things that will never change. Unemployment is at a new national all time high and poverty reigns in most of the cities and small towns. Of course, most who are able just ignore the orphans and beggars in the city. But there is one place where a little sun doth shine:

San Francisco, California.

It was a magical place…in more ways than one. A natural magic hot spot, the Changlings of the area flock to the brightly lit, fast paced, and ever misty city. It was more accepting than most places which allowed them all a little more freedom when going out and about which meant they didn’t have to waste their glamour. Most of the time, it was a safe haven for those who called themselves Fae.

Most of the time. But trouble was stirring between the courts. Tensions were running high and something would have to break soon…

Dawn in San Francisco

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