Dawn in San Francisco

Investigation: Day 1

Wendy sat in Kevin’s basement, watching the tiny man they had picked up stuff his face with pizza. Personally she’d never been that fond of the stuff, but if it got the answers they were looking for then this… Toot toot could have all the pizza he wanted. If their parents asked, she could just say that she and Kevin were trying to broaden their taste horizons or something.

A part of her was very annoyed at what was going on. She’d only achieved Chrysalis a year ago, and since then she had done her best to stay out of the fairy courts. She was still a child in legal terms which made moving around the city alone at night and going to the various pubs and clubs not much of an option, and the family homes were just a little to far from the city centre to make a regular walk to wherever court was being held this week a practical endeavour. Besides, she had better things to do.

But another part of her really wanted to know. The idea that of all the fey in San Francisco, she and Kevin had been chosen was odd but flattering. And getting to poke her nose into other people’s business and be the ones to find out the truth held an undeniable allure. Wendy had been working hard on maintaining an air of cool cynicism like Kevin had, but in reality she was interested and naturally curious once something had piqued her interest. It helped that so far they had mostly just hung out in a dead guy’s flat, watched his TV and gone through his stuff. No dead bodies anywhere. Wendy had felt a little bad about disrespecting the dead and all, but nobody else seemed to mind that much.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the pocket watch, flipping it over to admire the inscription on the lid. The summer queen had taken almost everything else – the sword, the clothes, the letters – but Wendy had held onto this. She wasn’t sure why at first. After all, it had been fairly obvious who this Isabel had been in relation to the summer knight. But watching the queen sweep all traces of this man’s relationship to the woman away like that had been a little unsettling. Surely at least something should be buried with him? Or a piece of him should be left behind, to prove he once existed and had been part of things. Plus it was a nice watch. Wendy didn’t think of it as stealing. More… safekeeping.

The sprite was covered in pizza. Wendy leaned forward to offer him a cloth, but it was quickly snatched out of her hands by Kevin. He left upstairs to get a proper cloth instead of an oil rag. Well, she had things on her mind.

She wasn’t sure about the others that the queens had asked them to work with. She knew the weird kid from school – Marco? The pooka, whatever – although they didn’t hang out because he seemed kind of simple in the head. The other chick, his sister, had pretty impressive hair. Wendy could respect the artistry, even though rumour at school said she was a stripper. Apparently one of the moronic sports ‘students’ had been to the club she worked at.

And then there was the other guy. The Sidhe prince who was clearly some sort of hobo. She wasn’t sure if he was acting, or if he was really that much of a drunken drugged-up mess. It was obvious the other ‘nobility’ at that meet were embarrassed to be seen with him.Maybe this was actually a really dangerous mission and the powers-that-be were hoping he’d get killed to save them the trouble. She hoped not, she didn’t want to see a dead body or be used as cannon fodder. But she also didn’t really want to hang out with a junkie. He’d been entertaining at the flat, but that didn’t make him not dangerous. She would have to hope the queens knew what they were doing. Besides, Kevin would always have her back.

He came back down the stairs with some kitchen roll, and the two off them cocooned the messy sprite in paper. It was a brief moment of levity after a somewhat maudlin day, and Wendy laughed freely as the sprite raced around the room leaving a trail of dirty paper towels behind him. Besides, classes would be over in the next week or so, and then summer break would give them all the time in the world to do whatever they wanted.


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