Lady Winter


Lady Winter is cold, fierce, and all but a little insane. While she keeps her composure, the glint in her far too blue eyes give away her true insanity.

Maeve acts as emissary for her mother, Queen Mab, to the mortal realm. Her kith is of some dispute. While it would be traditional for Maeve to be Sidhe, most believe that she is actually a Satyr with her love of all things in excess.

She makes her home in San Francisco in the seedy unground. No one knows exactly where she resides, but it is said that all you have to do is follow the sickening sweet music which never seems to stop.

In her mortal mien she has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and legs that go on forever. In her fae mien she has long black hair and eyes that are a bit too blue…and legs that go on forever. She is, in every sense of the word, sexy.



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