Queen of the Winter Court


The Winter Queen. Dangerously beautiful. A little crazy, but not to be crossed.

It is widely known that Queen Mab is Sidhe though her court is unknown. Rumour is that she has no court, but is the one who started each court to watch the nobles bicker. Her fae mien is one that could make grown men whimper. She has long, flowing white hair, a far too pale, clear complexion, and sparkling icy green eyes.

She rules over in Arcadia, rarely choosing to come to earth. She allows her daughter to handle the mortal realm in her stead. When she does choose to pass through from Arcadia, her mortal mien is that of a poised, elegant, beautiful business woman with short cropped blonde hair. Her icy green eyes remain.


No one knows how long Mab and her ‘sister’ Titania have been around. Some of the oldest fae say they can’t remember a time when they weren’t the Queens of their respective courts. But everyone knows that there must have been a time…


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