Lady Autumn


Often called “Lady Fall” Hazel is the youngest of all the fairy queens (though is not at all young by any mortal means). A bright and giggly girl with all the experience of those who are young, you can often find her making the tragic mistakes of youth. Even so, she is quick to smile and laugh even at herself. Wholly unknown to the world of independence, she still has that bright smile and unwavering trust that only comes through innocence.

She, like the other ladies, resides mostly in the mortal world and acts on her mother’s behalf. Though, unlike the others, she has only recently come. Due to her age her mother believed it better to be taught in Arcadia until she proved herself.

Her mortal seeming is as pretty as any of the ladies. She has bright, auburn hair and sparking light brown (you might even say ‘hazel’) eyes. Her fae seeming is fairly similar thought her auburn hair turn golden. And it is tied together with large wings that mimic both the monarch butterfly and crisp autumn leaves. Oddly enough, she is pooka not sidhe.



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