Dawn in San Francisco

Lost and Found

As soon as they stepped through the portal, Kevin began to worry. Why had Wendy not appeared with himself and Marco? Did she somehow scatter, or was there some kind of security system that they had failed to notice, that had taken her?
It didn’t matter, he supposed. What mattered was finding her, and NOW.
Marco seemed to understand, and didn’t argue when Kevin started searching room after room, despite them being all the same and all irrelevant to their mission.
The mission can wait. Wendy is more important.

They were reunited again. Thankfully, everyone was still alive and unharmed. Okay, back to the mission.
With the world being back to the way it should be again – apart from them being stuck in an evil nazi experiment hospital – he could focus properly on the machine Marco had been carrying around for the past half hour.
Much like the one they had been plugged into on their last visit, it was a strange combination of magic and technology, quite a bit beyond Kevins level of understanding.
Although the appplcation was decidedly horribly evil, the method that went into creating it fascinated Kevin. He would love to study this closer, in a less hostile environment. But he wasn’t too sure there would be an opportunity to get one of these deviced out of here, nor if the queens would approve of him having it.

But, first things first. They needed to find out who was behind all of this.
Wendy suggested they split up, which Kevin thought was the worst idea since exploding bread, but he had to admit that logically it was a good idea: That way, they could cover more ground more quickly, and then get out of there and never return ever again ever. Ever.



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