Dawn in San Francisco

In 4 years time.

The decorations were definitely at home Marco told himself as he drove back to his apartment. Definitely. Breath. In. Out. And… Relax. The day had seem to go quite well. For his first time flying solo at least. Wendy had stuck to the point mostly, as usual, which was good. Kevin had… I think Kevin had gotten through to them, it was hard to tell with the teenage group. And then Buddy. Buddy had told them to leave? And then told them to stay? Hopefully his group would take his instructions as metaphors. Buddy seemed like a good guy though. His heart was in the right place at least. It was hard to tell what he wanted though. Mim had taught Marco that everyone wanted something. You just had to wait and watch to find out what that something is. But Buddy didn’t really talk about the future or what he wanted. It was a nice change from the people of court. They all wanted something, a lot of them didn’t even bother trying to hide it. And since he was dating the Lady of Autumn, why not get the slow fool of a man to organise a private audience with her?

Marco loved Hazel from the bottom of his heart. And he knew what he would have to do to be with her. But god he hated some of the people of the courts. How they looked down on him. How they tried to trick him into helping them. How they just saw people as a means to an end. Obviously they weren’t all like that, and he had met some generally nice people in court, but a lot of them just want to better themselves. Court wasn’t all bad though. Good can come out of it, the school for example. It had taken a long time, even with Hazel in his corner, for Marco to get permission and funds to start it up, but it came from court, and it helps people. It was proof that court could be used in good ways and if they were lucky other people would follow suit.



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