Dawn in San Francisco

Extracts from Kevin's Journal

Wendy left for Europe today. It sounds like a really cool experience, and she will probably have a great time, but I kind of wish she would have stayed here, with me.
It’s only for a year though, it’ll go by before I know it. It’ll feel like I just blinked, and then she’s back again.

I’ve blinked several times, and the year still hasn’t gone by. It’s not even friday yet, when we agreed to try a cross-continental phone call. Damn you, time.

Talked to Wendy today. Everything we say is delayed a few seconds so we end up talking over eachother most of the time, but it is good to hear her voice. She is enjoying Europe, and making a lot of friends.
This made me realise, I don’t have a lot of friends. Maybe I should go to Europe.

All my robots are mindless automatons. The secret behind mind and consciousness continues to elude me.
I don’t get why it is so difficult!
I mean, an android is just a human, with wires instead of veins, and oil instead of blood.
I wonder if they dream of electric sheep?

I think I’ve made some new friends. Their names are Steve and Peter, and they share my fashion sense, which surely is a good sign.

Steve and Peter are practically dead inside. They have no ambition and no imagination. I told them as much and now we’re not talking anymore.

I met with Wendy in Arcadia today. We don’t do that often due to the temporal distortions, but but every once in a while we need to actually see each other.
Given the rarity of the situation, I was a bit annoyed when she turned up hungover. I love her, and I don’t judge her life choices, but when she struggles to form sentences, and needs to throw up every 10-20 minutes, it makes for a shitty date.

I’ve resumed my studies of the evil-hostpital-machine. For the record, I maintain that while the hospital is/was evil, the machine is not. It creeps Wendy the hell out, but she’s an ocean away so she probably wont mind. And besides, I have a lot of time on my hands and am insanely bored.

The hospital machine is really cool. It needs a better name though. It creates or projects dreams, as best as I can tell. So its nickname shall henceforth be Morpheus

I’ve often reflected on how few changelings there seem to be at uni. I would think it was sad. Now I’m not so sure.
Elijah, my lab partner, is a changeling. I’ve known this for a while – he is one of my better friends in my class – but he has never discussed his Kith.
Today I found out that the little shit is a redcap. I found out because he literally ATE MY LAB REPORT.
I had to tell the proffessor that “my dog ate my homework.” New low point in life.
On the bright side though, I went on to expain to the proffessor – in front of the entire class – that my dog was “one of those small, yappy, annoying and kind of ugly dogs” and that it was kind of dense and often falls over when it pees… and that it’s name was Elijah.
Elijah didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day, so I think he picked up on my subtle hint.
Yay for small victories.

I’ve tried replicating the circuitry in Morpheus. I’ve tried connecting a robot directly to Morpheus. Nothing works. There is something I’m doing wrong, something I’m missing.

I dreamt about Wendy last night. She said that we had grown apart, and that her time in Europe had made her realise she never actually loved me – instead, she loved some French guy named Marcel. She disappeared through a portal and I never saw her again.
It was a stupid dream, based on nothing at all. I know she loves me, she has never given me any reason to doubt that.
And yet, the stupid dream wont go away.

We’ve been invited to Atumn Equinox Masquerade Ball. I’ve already started working on a mask.
It should be fun, but it is the first time in a while when me, Wendy, and Marco are in the same room as the Queens.
I jokingly bet wendy $10 that the queens would assign us a new apocalyptic quest. She did not think it was funny.


Dude, Wendy would never turn up for a date high! Hungover, maybe…

Extracts from Kevin's Journal

Fair enough – edited.

Extracts from Kevin's Journal

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