Dawn in San Francisco

Being Banal

Marco sat up on his bed. He couldn’t sleep at all. There was too much rushing around in his head. Usually he could talk to Inkahhhh about how he was feeling and once it was out he’d be able to sleep. Without Inkahhh he’d just have to go over his thoughts on his own. So where to start? His thoughts about the dreamworld they’d been suck in seemed like a good start. Obviously they were supposed to be banal. Maybe to stop them figuring out where they were? Maybe that was just the kind of experiment that was being done on them.

Experiment. The word stuck in Marco’s head. Someone had been testing on them. Maybe because they knew about Kevin, maybe just because they had been carrying the tablet around. It didn’t really matter why because one thing was certain. The woman who they freed had been one of the missing people. So the people are being kept alive and experimented on. They have to help them. Something dawned on Marco at this moment. “Maybe they knew about Kevin”. If they did then they might come back for him, and if not they might find out and come for him. This is not good. Not good at all. And it couldn’t be happening at a worse possible time. Marco had seen the way Kevin looked at Wendy in the dreamworld, and he’d heard him go back for her while we were leaving the hospital. Kevin will not be taken. Especially not when him and Wendy are so close to realising how they feel.

Marco knew that whoever made that hospital was a horrible person who has to be stopped. He knew that the dream they’d been in was something that shouldn’t be done to people. But still, Marco missed it a bit. That was something he just wouldn’t be able to tell Kevin or Wendy. They’d been robbed of everything there are while in the dream. And yes Marco had lost some of his traits too, he had become more mature, docile, normal, but he’d been happy too. He’d had a wife who he loved and who loved him, he had a nice house, good friends and he enjoyed his work. If whoever put them in the dream had designed it, then well, they must had a soft spot for him. Marco felt a surge of regret at these thoughts. People had been tortured in that place and here he was missing it. It sickened him, however it was still the truth. Marco had been happier in that dream then he had been since he left to “find himself”. He’d been miserable most of the time he’d been away. Sure there had been some good times, but he’d spent most of his “journey” missing home… and Hazel. And then being kidnapped did what months of soul searching couldn’t. Marco realised what he wanted, he wanted Hazel, and he didn’t care about getting a job or a nice house or any of that stuff. He knew who he was. He was Marco, and he loved Hazel.



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